The Street Feet Society is the product of watching too many people suffer from foot-related health issues, and knowing a simple solution is possible. We are passionate about not only creating social change, but inspiring youth to be part of that change too.

"Street Feet" is a term used to describe the effect of living outside in an often damp climate that causes feet to become infected, and can lead to many other health issues. Street feet is a very common phenomenon for people affected by homelessness on the west coast. The population living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is continually impacted by this health issue, and a simple solution to the problem would be providing access to clean, dry socks.


We offer schools in the Greater Vancouver Area, presentations, and support youth to run in-school fundraising initiatives. Our goal is to provide 10,000 pairs of socks to people in need!

Please feel free to contact us as we continue to develop this new program, and let us know if you want to find a way to become involved!


  1. To engage youth in understanding and supporting issues of homelessness, marginalization and stigma within their communities.

  2. To end the “street feet” epidemic and related diseases by providing new, clean socks to homeless individuals living in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.



We support youth in engaging in community initiatives to provide new socks to individuals affected by homelessness.

To engage youth to become socially just members of the community while eliminating the epidemic of foot-related health issues of people affected
by homelessness.


  1. Passionate engagement in social justice

  2. Desire to make the world a better place

  3. Integrity in all interactions